GEN 4.2 Charges for air navigation services

4.2.1 Approach control charges Charges for approach control are included in landing charges.

4.2.2 Route air navigation charges En-route navigation service charges are levied by the General Civil Aviation Authority.
Post:Finance Department
General Civil Aviation Authority
P.O. Box 6558
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 2 405 4261
Telefax: +971 2 449 1746

4.2.3 Rules An en-route charge will be payable by the owner or operator of the aircraft concerned in respect of each flight carried out whether in whole or in part within the Emirates FIR, in accordance with authorised procedures. A flight is defined as the complete process of take-off, journey en-route and subsequent landing. The assessment for the en-route charge is based on a sliding scale relating to the maximum permitted take-off weight of the aircraft, with the exception of certain internal commercial flights and shuttle flights between airports within the Emirates FIR, where a nominal flat rate charge is made irrespective of the size of aircraft.

4.2.4 Scale of charges for air navigation services Aircraft transiting the Emirates FIR without landing will be charged for each flight in accordance with the following table:
Charges for transit without landing
 Maximum take - off weightUSD
a)More than 290.000 KG235.00
b)190.001 to 290.000 KG200.00
c)120.001 KG to 190.000 KG165.00
d)120.000 KG and below130.00 An aircraft entering the Emirates FIR and landing at an airport within the FIR will be charged for each flight in accordance with the following table. A similar charge will be made on leaving the FIR. Any additional sectors within the FIR will be charged a flat rate of USD 10.00 per flight irrespective of the size of aircraft.
Charges for transit with landing or take - off
 Maximum take - off weightUSD
a)More than 290.000 KG105.00
b)190.001 to 290.000 KG90.00
c)120.001 to 190.000 KG75.00
d)120.000 KG and below60.00


  1. An aircraft of weight category a) enters the FIR and lands at Dubai.

    Charge: USD 105.00

  2. The same aircraft leaves Dubai and lands at Abu Dhabi.

    Charge: USD 10.00

  3. The same aircraft leaves Abu Dhabi and lands at Dubai.

    Charge: USD 10.00

  4. The same aircraft departs Dubai and leaves the FIR.

    Charge USD 105.00

Total NAV service charges: USD 230.00 Internal domestic flights by helicopters or fixed wing aircraft on internal domestic commercial flights within the Emirates FIR will be charged a flat rate of USD 10.00 for a complete round trip flight irrespective of size of aircraft. A round trip flight is defined as an outbound and return sector from the aircraft's home base airfield. No charge is made for flights that involve sector landings between oil rigs or islands after departure from home base.

4.2.5 Exemptions and reductions

En-route navigation service charges will not be levied in respect of flight carried out by:

  1. aircraft of His Highness, The President of the UAE and Their Highnesses, The Rulers of the UAE Emirates,

  2. diplomatic aircraft provided that they are not carrying fare paying passengers, and on a reciprocal basis.

  3. GCC military aircraft on condition of reciprocal basis,

  4. military aircraft of the following countries provided these countries continue to exempt UAE military aircraft on a reciprocal basis,

    1. Kingdom of Morocco,

    2. Republic of Sudan,

    3. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

    4. Islamic Republic of Pakistan,

    5. Kingdom of Spain,

  5. aircraft providing search and rescue services free of charge,

  6. aircraft on training flights and flying club aircraft being operated within the normal scope of flying club activities,

  7. private aircraft operated for pleasure purposes,

  8. aircraft exempted according to international agreements or special agreements,

  9. aircraft that depart and are later forced to make an emergency landing due to technical malfunctions,

  10. overflying aircraft that land for unforeseen technical reasons or due to military intervention,

  11. aircraft of the Red Cross or Red Crescent,

  12. aircraft that are exempted by the order of the Ministry of Defence UAE,

  13. aircraft owned or hired by any Government Ministries or Government Departments in the UAE provided they are not used for profit making projects,

  14. aircraft arriving for the purpose of carrying out necessary checks of air navigation equipment at all UAE airports.

4.2.6 Methods of payment Invoices are prepared monthly and mailed to operator. Invoices are payable by the following methods:
  1. Bank telegraphic transfer to the GCAA account (Preferred method) or,

  2. US Dollar banker's draft drawn on a bank in the United States of America. Payment terms and conditions are specified on the invoice.