Civil Aviation Authority Documentation follows up

Applications forms, certifications, manuals and procedures which should be followed up by Certification & Licensing supervisor in the company and have to be filed in two months in advance to avoid late renewal process or need for extensions.

Yearly requirements

  • ACFT airwordiness certification
  • radio licenses
  • acft insurance policy
  • 135 certification currently PART 91, application and approval letter
  • 145 certification application and approval

flight crew requirements

  • pilots TFA or licenses applications and completion
  • engineers TFA or licenses application and completion
  • Visas applications
  • ELP test or certification application and completion

Manuals and procedures that need to be in place

  • GOM
  • SOP
  • operations procedure standard, specification
  • training program and requirements
  • safety and security program and procedures
  • QA procedure and program
  • AMS
  • MEL
  • AMM
  • acft accident and incident  procedure forms and records with the manual and program
  • investigations procedure aviation/admin/break for in country employees
  • General maintenance manual


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